Reanimate is a blood ability granted to Morlich at Acolyte rank.



Blood Cost: 1

Printed Effect: "Choose a friendly ally. When it is destroyed, it becomes a Skeletal Minion."

  • Skeleton Minions are intended to have power equal to Morlich's power and 10 health.  Currently, a bug spawns them correctly if they are killed during Morlich's turn, but Skeleton Minions will spawn with the opposing champion's power when killed during the opponent's turn.
  • Sacrificing an ally with Unholy Sacrifice will spawn a Skeleton Minion with power equal to Morlich's power prior to the sacrifice.
  • Skeleton Minions are added into your normal deck after dieing, allowing the player to draw them after the reshuffle. When played from the hand the Skeleton Minion will have the same attack as Morlich.