A separate level from the Champion Level of each of your Champions, Player Level is determined by the amount of Player Experience (PXP) you have accrued through playing the game.

The effects of Player Level on the game include:

  • When you gain a Player Level, all of your energy meters are refilled.
  • Your Player Level determines the tier of Basic Pack available to you in the Market.
  • Your Player Level is a secondary consideration for Arena matchmaking.

Note that, unlike with Champion Levels, your Player Experience does not reset when you gain a Player Level. As such, the following table shows the Player Experience total at which you arrive to a level, and then the further amount you must gain to attain the next.

Player Level Starting PXP PXP to Advance
25 39535 4075
26 43610 4545
27 48155 4780
28 52935