The Gods of BloodRealm once ruled from their heavenly thrones but find themselves cast to earth. Their taste for dominion continues unabated, and you must defeat them to unshackle mankind. Players progress through the world map, doing battle with minions, champions, and the gods themselves.

The Gods of BloodRealm
God Spheres Health Mana Strength Blood Power Description
Diana Nature, Shadow, Order 30 0 2 Cover of Night All friendly allies in play permanently gain Stealth.
Mars Chaos, Order, Nature 50 0 3 Scent of War Place a Bloodscent Wolf in each friendly empty spot.
Apollo Light, Order, Mythic 40 0 3 Apollo's Quiver Harm 1, Aim 2, Critical 4
Venus Mythic, Light, Nature 60 25 2 Dazzling Beauty All enemy units are stunned for one turn.
Pluto Shadow, Chaos, Order 60 25 2 Deathcrook Target enemy ally has a 75% chance of being destroyed.
Jupiter Order, Mythic, Nature 60 15 2 Smite Bolt Target enemy is stunned. At the end of its next turn, it is dealt 10 damage.
Nemain Chaos, Nature, Shadow 60 15 3 Traitorous Urge All enemy allies attack their own Champion on their next attack.
Morigan Shadow, Nature, Mythic 55 25 3 Gloom Talons Target enemy is dealt 3 damage and is Infected.
Lugh Order, Nature, Chaos 60 20 3 Vital Bastion All friendly units gains Shield 2.
Gwydion Mythic, Nature, Light 60 20 2 Twist Fate Enemy Champion loses all Mana. You gain 50 Mana.
Cernunnos Nature, Mythic, Order 60 20 3 Earthen Torc (item) Place a Great Elk in target empty slot.
Brigid Light, Nature, Order 60 25 2 Enlighten Soul Brigid gains 100 Mana.
Geb Nature, Mythic, Shadow 55 15 3 Vampiric Microbes All friendly allies gain Regeneration. All enemy allies are Infected.
Seth Chaos, Mythic, Shadow 60 25 3 Chaos Storm All enemies are dealt 1-10 damage.
Ma'at Light, Shadow, Order, 60 25 2 Feather of Ma'at (item) Gain 20 Mana. Draw a card.
Osiris Chaos, Shadow, Nature 60 25 3 Spite the Living Destroy all enemy allies.
Isis Mythic, Order, Light 60 50 3 Ankh of Isis (item) Gain 25 mana.
Ra Light, Chaos, Mythic 60 25 3 Sunstaff (item) Target enemy: Harm 6.