Campaign mode is BloodRealm's main PvE content. There are currently four campaigns. Each campaign consists of six stages; each stage consists of six opponents, the last being a God. You may fight each opponent at any of 5 increasingly difficult levels as many times as you wish, though you need only defeat each once to progress through the campaign. If you complete level 5 you win a small Gold reward - 10 gold.

Each battle against an opponent in Rome, Gaul and Egypt campaigns costs 15 Stamina, with the exception of the Legion of Mars difficulty level 1, which costs 5 Stamina, and Ra difficulty level 5 at a cost of 45 Stamina.

Each battle against an opponent in Norse campaign costs 20 Stamina, with the exception of the boss battle at the end of each stage, which costs 25 Stamina on difficulty levels 1-4 and 50 stamina on difficulty level 5.

The old Gods section (From BloodRealm 1.0) can be found  HERE


Legion of Mars

Diana's Grove

Apollo's Temple

Mists of Venus

Pluto's Thrull

Jupiter's Tempest


Nemain's Wrath

Morigan's Secret

Soldiers of Lugh

Gwydion's Guile

Horns of Cernunnos

Brigid's Tribe


Geb's Harvest

Set's Storm

Order of Ma'at

Magic of Isis

Rise of Osiris

Eyes of Ra

Norse Edit

Loki's Cunning

The Norns Fate

Cast of Freya

Thor's Wrath

Baldur's Dream

Wisdom of Odin